Preparing Your House for the Market

Have you decided to sell your home? Well, here are some basic tips to help prepare your home for the market and ensure a successful sale:

Paint – There are very few things that improve the appearance of a house for a lower cost than a fresh coat of paint. It’s often easier to paint a room than scrub the walls clean. Choose neutral colors and avoid strong, bold tones.
Clean – Cleanliness lets the potential buyer know that your home has been cared for and is in good repair. An unkept or dirty home will cause all other flaws to be amplified in a buyers mind.
Declutter – Remove unnecessary nick-knacks and personal collectibles from being on display while you are showing your home. The less “stuff” on the floor and on shelves the roomier your home will appear.
Light – Raise the shades and let in natural light. Open the blinds and pull back the curtains. Replace fluorescent light with soft, natural looking light bulbs. Bright rooms seems large, while dark rooms seem small and dingy.
Fresh Air – Get rid of odors that may be musty or unpleasant to potential buyers (like incense, cigarette smoke, or pets). People are often turned off by unfamiliar or offensive scents. Replace offensive smells with something attractive and pleasant (flowers, fresh baked bread, or cinnamon).
Temperature – Make sure your home is set at a comfortable temperature for potential buyers. Keep the temperature cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
Fix-It – Broken items around the house tells a buyer know that your home is in disrepair. A buyer will submit a lower offer on your home if it appears to need repairs. Fix or replace anything that is broken: electrical systems, screens, doors, fences, windows, etc.
Pets – Send pets away or secure them away from potential buyers whom may be intimidated or distracted by animals while they are previewing your home. Potential buyers may also be allergic to certain animals which would discourage them from coming in.
Noise – Keep it quiet. Silence comes across restful and offends no one. Turn off the television and keep music to a soft, instrumental selection. Close any windows that amplify street noise.

suggestions courtesy of First American Title Company

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